Translate text files extracted from Kairosoft games to make them available to users around the world in any language.

 Upload your translations to a server, and share them with your friends and fellow players.

*Only the text files can be translated. Logos, icons and other images containing text will stay in English.

Creating Language Packs

Click the icon above to download CSV files (UTF-8), which you can edit on your PC. The file name may be changed too.

@title - language pack title
@language - language and region code. For example, [zh-CN] for simplified Chinese, [zh-TW] for traditional Chinese and [ko] for Korean. There is no specific code you must stick to, but please make it clear which language the pack is for.
@scale - font size. 100 is the default number. You can set it to "auto" and it will be adjusted automatically. If text still doesn't fit after adjustments, you may need to shorten it.
@appli - please do not edit this value.
@version - please do not edit this value.
@author - enter your name here.
The English in-game text starts after that. Have fun translating it!

Code Tags
<br> - Creates a new line. Will not work in some text fields.
<co=0066cc></co> - Changes the color of the text in between the tags.
<0><1> - Tags like these are for certain variables, e.g. an item name or a value.

*The title and language/region code will be sent to Kairosoft for reference purposes.
*When downloading a language pack, you will be asked if you want to send the URL and author's name to Kairosoft for statistical purposes. No personal data will be sent.
*Text may become corrupted if it's not in the right encoding. If that happens, make sure it's set to UTF-8.

*We currently do not provide customer support services for these titles if you are using a language pack.
*Only the text files can be translated. Logos, icons and other images containing text will stay in English.
*Some text in save data created before installing a language pack will be in the original language. Start a new game to have the language change reflected.
*Kairosoft bears no responsibility for any issues or damages incurred through the use of Kairosoft games or Language Pack.
*The Language Pack service may be discontinued without notice.

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